Gaining Meaningful Experiences through Real World Exposure

As every new semester approaches, we are excited and eager for the new round of Co-Ops to join the Kaleidoscope organization.  Attracting some of the brightest minds from Universities all over the globe; Kaleidoscope welcomes Designers, Engineers, Human Factor Engineers, Researchers and Sales and Marketing professionals to our headquarters in Cincinnati Ohio. Through our robust and collaborative program, Kaleidoscope Co-Ops are able to strengthen and grow their professional and personal skill-sets prior to graduation through real world applications and scenarios. The impact is felt immediately through their hard work, determination, unique perspective and overall drive to support Kaleidoscope’s Mission toImprove the Human Experience through Meaningful Innovation”. Having the exposure to several dynamic and challenging programs during their rotation, they have the opportunity to solve problems within many of the different stages of the development process. Allowing them to wear many different hats and be creative in their solutions.   

We have been really impressed with the Co-Ops that have come through our program over the years. They are confident, diligent, socially skilled and talented problem solvers. If you have interest in joining Kaleidoscope, please stay connected through our Website, LinkedIn channel and Careers Page 

When deciding on your next rotation, we have sound advice from Kaleidoscope’s Co-Op Leaders as well as former Co-Ops: 

    • Seek guidance from not only academic advisors, but also industry professionals. 
    • Pursue what you want with confidence.  
    • Don’t be afraid to not know the answer, but be ready to go find it.  
    • Don’t miss out on the meaningful professional and personal bonds you can build in the workplace. 
    • Your enthusiasm and drive are some of your biggest assets. 
    • Don’t hesitate. 


Matt Suits

Matt Suits
Business Development Manager

Pulkit Verma
Senior Design Engineer & Filmmaker