Kaleidoscope Innovation’s Machine + Electronics Shops produce functional prototypes to help our clients accelerate product development in industries including medical devices, consumer products, and industrial equipment.

Because our advanced machining and electronics
capabilities are all under one roof at Kaleidoscope’s Cincinnati headquarters, we apply the kind of sophisticated strategy and holistic thinking that goes beyond simple fabrication. From design and machining to assembly and electrical implementation, we test and ensure quality control every step of the way through final delivery.

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A Machine Shop with Hands-on Expertise

Determined to Deliver
The Machine Shop team handles more than prototype production; they provide rock-solid, machinable solutions informed by a close partnership with our clients and frequent collaboration with Kaleidoscope’s design and
engineering teams.

The shop features a variety of multi-axis CNC mills, wire EDMs, and turning centers as well as a full range of programming capabilities.

  • Our Capabilities
  • Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Part Testing + Qualification

An Electronics Shop with Deep Experience

Expertise in Quality + Electronics
Working closely with our machine shop and engineering teams, the Electronics Shop provides a wide variety of electronic builds and services, including rack builds, board design, build and reworks, cabling, and wire harness builds and testing.

The Electronics Shop has deep experience and
background in providing builds for medical, aerospace, and
automation industries.

  • Our Capabilities
  • Mechatronics
  • Software
  • Full System Builds

Having both machining and electronics capabilities under one roof means our clients can get working prototypes in weeks rather than months, which helps free up internal resources and offers project savings through cost avoidance.

A Full Range
of Product Development Services

Kaleidoscope Innovation
While the Machine + Electronics Shops offer direct service for prototype development, we are also a part of Kaleidoscope Innovation, a world-leading design, product development consulting firm. That means we can also offer clients end-to-end product development research and expertise, as well as access to resources in emerging tech tools through our parent company, Infosys.

What’s more, our frequent close collaboration with Kaleidoscope’s multi-disciplinary departments—including engineering, human factors, and regulatory affairs—gives us an immersive understanding of every phase of the product development process. It’s an invaluable level of insight and experience we bring to every project.

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