Canon Medical Systems USA

EnVision 360

Kaleidoscope Innovation partnered with Canon Medical Systems USA to create EnVision 360, an application that allows users to plan a room in 2D, drop in medical equipment, and interact with it in 3D.

Canon Medical wanted to create 3D media that helps people visualize the company’s medical devices and equipment from a remote location.

Canon Medical felt that traditional software render times and setup times were too long for their intended product use. The interim solution of 3D PDFs allowed more real-time visualization but had poor image quality and was unable to interact with the models in the way their team wanted, such as through articulations and room planning.

Enabling individuals to better visualize how the OR and other locations would look with Canon Medical’s equipment in the room was important because of both the sheer size of many of the devices and the need for careful room planning for safety reasons.

After learning of Kaleidoscope Innovation’s previous work on room planning tools, Canon Medical approached us to develop a similar tool with fully customized functionality. We supported Canon Medical in using the Unity Engine to create a real-time 3D interactive room planning tool called EnVision 360. It is a beneficial blend of real-time interactions and high visual fidelity.

Kaleidoscope supported the Canon Medical site planning division’s project largely by leveraging our team’s extensive software development and visualization/animation capabilities.

Thanks to the EnVision 360 tool, 3D image and video output for marketing and other uses has vastly increased due to the speed with which Canon Medical can now create content. Canon Medical can hold collaborative planning meetings with customers and accommodate their workflow.

EnVision 360 presentations have opened the doors for more business opportunities by creating solutions to problems that weren’t easily solved by traditional methods. Additionally, EnVision 360 has now become more collaborative than was originally anticipated. Initially the intent was simply to show images, videos and real-time fly-throughs. But the use has expanded – planning collaboration with the customers has become a significant part of the customer’s experience with EnVision 360.

"EnVision 360 has immensely helped Canon Medical improve workflow when planning imaging rooms. Now, instead of two 3D projects per month, we are averaging about 300 projects per year!"

Greg Patterson, Senior Manager, Site Planning, Canon Medical Systems USA

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