How XR is boosting medical device development (and how learnings from consumer applications are inspiring change)

XR medical device development

Jason McGovern, Software Development Manager at Kaleidoscope Innovation, is the author of a new article in Medical Design & Outsourcing magazine about “How XR is boosting medical device development.” Having previously worked for companies like Disney and Jakks Pacific toys before joining the Kaleidoscope team, Jason provides interesting insights into extended reality at the intersection of the medical, consumer and entertainment industries.

In the piece, Jason writes:

“ Beyond device development and training, XR can be used to benefit the patient’s experience by pulling from the consumer and gaming industry’s focus on XR as an entertainment vehicle.

Hospitals could adopt VR entertainment as a playful distraction for children undergoing a stressful procedure. Virtual reality is already being explored for use in psychiatric care, such as the treatment of phobias, and for an analgesic effect.

Another way to enhance the patient experience is to draw from what Disney is doing in their theme parks. The Happiest Place on Earth is using AR to engage families while they wait in line for rides. Now imagine applying that to a pediatric hospital setting where families are waiting in the lobby.”

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Jason McGovern
Software Development Manager