Realize My Success

Realize, a division of Ethicon Surgical, needed a tool for patients after surgery to keep them on track with their new lifestyle plan. Kaleidoscope Innovation delivered a two-sided website that guided patients and helped surgeons monitor patient progress.

Realize wanted to help patients reform their eating habits and adopt a food-conscious lifestyle. The first few months post-op are critical for bariatric patients. Realize also wanted a way for surgeons to easily monitor and see the progress of patients who had undergone the gastric band procedure. Surgeons keep regular contact with their post-op patients in order to offer advice and ensure the patient is adjusting to the new lifestyle. These meetings become more challenging as the surgeon-to-patient ratio goes up. Realize knew that a more efficient method would be required for the business to scale in the growing market.

Kaleidoscope Innovation was approached and quickly brought up to speed on the current process and perceived problems. We conducted extensive research operations on a global scale, which went on to influence our development and testing. Kaleidoscope Innovation created a two-sided online solution to meet Realize’s needs. The patient-facing side acts as a journaling tool that promotes goal-setting and offers insights and advice for breaking old eating habits and achieving lasting success. The administrative side of the application allows surgeons to track the progress of multiple patients quickly and easily.

RMS has the potential to support gastric band patients and help them achieve lasting success. It also will allow surgeons more efficiency in addressing specific needs during face-to-face appointments, as well as giving physicians advance warning to potentially dangerous patient behavior.

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