Evolving Medical Care

In this medical device development case study, AccuVein turned to Kaleidoscope Innovation to help them create the world’s first handheld, non-contact vein illumination solution. This start-up company had a new technology that they felt would overcome the weaknesses found in the products that were then available to practitioners and partnered with Kaleidoscope Innovation to conduct research, identify user needs and develop product requirements. We were able to help take AccuVein from bench to bedside where it could meaningfully impact patient care and satisfaction in blood draw and IV-start experiences.

Our start-up client created a technology that “scanned” and projected vascular structure on the surface of the skin. However, bench-to-bedside applications to meaningfully impact health was unknown.

For HFE analysis we employed user testing and cognitive walkthrough methods. We identified unmet clinical needs such as the challenges faced by clinicians when finding a vein to draw blood. The team translated the observations into CAD analysis of spatial needs. From this, insight-driven product specifications and investor communications were created.

The client secured funding to launch the product. The often traumatic event of finding and accessing a vein was made less painful and more accurate, thereby improving the patient experience. The vein visualization evidence from studies has shown dramatically positive results, including:

  • 59% and 39% Pain Reduction in Children and Adults, respectively
  • 3.5X 1st Stick Improvement
  • 45% Fewer Escalations, Resulting in $312,998 Annual Savings
  • 78% Reduction in Time to Cannulate


2013 and 2010 MDEA Gold Award Winner – Awarded top prize in the Medical Design Excellence Award competition twice, the only award focused exclusively on recognizing contributions and advances in medical product design, for the outstanding product design of its vein illumination device.
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“Developing a best in class vein visualization device is no easy feat. I was impressed with the speed, agility and creativity with which Kaleidoscope met our design challenges. Their engineering expertise helped us create an award-winning medical device that has improved patient care around the world.”

Ron Goldman, AccuVein CEO

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