Pharmaceutical Company

Drug Delivery Device

Kaleidoscope Innovation improved the delivery device for a winning therapeutic agent that was poorly adopted due to device and procedure complications.

A leading pharmaceutical company had a winning therapeutic agent in early stage clinical trials. However, the surgical procedure and device required for effective delivery were fraught with complications. Kaleidoscope Innovation was engaged to redesign the medical device and surgical procedure to improve usability and enhance widespread adoption.

Delivery can make or break a drug-device combination product. Developing a deep understanding of clinical challenges leads to better solutions.

Kaleidoscope Innovation

Kaleidoscope Innovation developed an intimate understanding of the challenges through a research and insights deep dive including extensive customer visits and surgical procedure observations. Utilizing our unique clinical access and on-staff physicians, we moved quickly to a collaborative ideation session and concept development. Concepts were evaluated with target end users in a variety of laboratory settings. Customer feedback and laboratory data rapidly drove design refinements through our iterative process.

Ease of use was significantly improved and surgical complications were reduced. Plus, the medical-device audience was delighted with Kaleidoscope Innovation’s rich professional education materials.

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