Swiffer WetJet

A Fresh Cleaning Experience

Kaleidoscope Innovation improved the Swiffer WetJet user experience at every touch point within constraints of a new design language and stringent manufacturing cost goals.

Looking for more than a simple restyle, P&G approached Kaleidoscope Innovation to enhance the entire Swiffer WetJet user experience—both at home and at retail. Collaborating closely with P&G and their engineering/manufacturing resource in China, our three goals included restyling to reinforce the Swiffer design “power clean” philosophy; enhanced functionality; and improving the user interface at all touch points.

Kaleidoscope Innovation created a new integrated functional and ergonomic Swiffer design to conform to the design language while meeting manufacturing-process and cost restraints. Optimized ergonomics led to a much-improved user experience.

The first moment of truth was improved due to visual enhancements that communicated a new experience. Improved materials and finishes provided a new richer design and helped communicate increased cleaning efficiency due to new dual spray nozzles. An easier and more rewarding assembling experience provided delight at the second moment of truth.

Changing out the cleaning solution bottle was a mystery to people. We designed a gratifying release-button that pops the bottle right into your hand.

Kaleidoscope Innovation

Our highly successful collaboration with the international original equipment manufacturer in China was reflected in the DFM designs that increased the speed to market and met price-point needs for consumers.

"an absolute success" ... reporting a 25% Increase in the number of units shipped over the previous designed version.

Swiffer Global Design Manager

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