Jyuthika Sen
Human Factors Engineer
Cincinnati Ohio

Jyuthika Sen joins Kaleidoscope as a Human Factors Engineer based out of our Cincinnati Ohio headquarters. Jyuthika is experienced in evaluating design issues and errors that that may occur during use to optimize design, usability, safety, effectiveness, and customer appeal of a medical device or combination product. She has worked to become an expert in therapeutic areas such as Parkinson’s, Diabetes Care Management, Rheumatology, Nephrology and Hemophilia.

Master’s in Biomedical Innovation and Development (MBID)
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Biomedical Engineering

Areas of Specialty:
Phases of development for combination products and medical devices from unmet needs finding, concept generation, through validation
Leading cross-functional teams to conduct projects which include usability testing protocol creation, study moderation, data analysis, and FDA submissions
Creating FDA compliant documents for client’s Design History Files
Conducting risk management activities and maintaining risk documents for client’s Design History Files
Performing heuristic evaluation of medical devices and combination products using a human-centric design approach

About Kaleidoscope Innovation
Kaleidoscope Innovation is a full-service product development firm innovating across medical, consumer and industrial markets. For over 30 years clients have partnered with Kaleidoscope to improve the human experience. Offering both consultancy-style and onsite services, they provide a full breadth of disciplines to meet their partners where needed, including: Insights & Human Factors, Medical Affairs, Industrial Design & User Experience, Engineering, Visualization and Software Development.