Revolutionizing Clinical Research: Embracing Decentralized Trials

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) have created a whole new chapter for clinical research trials. Rather than requiring in-person visits to specific doctor offices or research locations, DCTs take a digital approach to collecting clinical data. This transforms the way research data is collected, stored, and analyzed and allows more access for participants. By including the use of new tools, from wearable devices to virtual visits and online apps, DCTs will help make clinical research more patient-centric. These changes should also have a positive impact on the overall cost of studies. Considering these upcoming options for how research can be conducted, understanding decentralized trials is imperative for the medical community and anyone impacted by research.

Our dedicated Clinical Science and Regulatory teams at Kaleidoscope are poised to support Decentralized Clinical Trials. From offering regulatory guidance and implementing robust quality management systems to overseeing data monitoring and reporting, we are equipped to address various aspects of your DCTs. Our skilled Clinical Science team specializes in device management and excels in providing remote data services from any location. Entrust us with your DCT needs, and let our teams deliver the highest quality service tailored to your requirements.

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