Kaleidoscope Innovation Takes Measures to Help Protect Employees and the Community While Moving Business Forward for Clients

Statement from Kaleidoscope CMO & VP of Medical Affairs Elliott Fegelman, MD:

Kaleidoscope Innovation cares deeply about the well-being of our employees, clients and the wider community. In response to the global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Kaleidoscope has implemented safety measures to help protect our team. These changes include asking employees to work from home whenever possible, limiting in-person visits to our facility and keeping our team apprised of updates related to COVID-19.

We also care very strongly about serving our partners, and want to provide assurance that we are moving business forward for our clients. We are leveraging various remote technologies to support the continued delivery of our end-to-end product development services.

We understand the pressures our clients are facing and want to reassure them we are committed to making sure we keep them informed and that their projects stay on track.

Kaleidoscope is constantly evaluating the situation and will update this information as needed.

Elliott Fegelman, MD
CMO & VP of Medical Affairs