Valerie Fenster

Director of Insights & Human Factors

Valerie found research was a perfect way to uncover problems, unravel pain points and find elegant solutions to create satisfying designs. Prior to working at Kaleidoscope, Valerie founded and developed an HF Engineering group at Amgen. She successfully guided the Human Factors process and regulatory filings for combination products such as Enbrel®, Repatha® and Aimovig® SureClick® autoinjectors and prefilled syringe devices. Valerie’s insight also promoted the success of the Enbrel® Mini™ with AutoTouch™ reusable autoinjector, as well as wearable devices, such as the Repatha® Pushtronix®, and the Neulasta® Onpro® devices. At Abbott, she was instrumental in developing the™ Patient Care Network. Outside of work, Valerie enjoys knitting and is a self-described yarn addict.


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