A Case for Onsite Services: The Flexibility and Affordability of Direct Product Development

Kaleidoscope Innovation realized early in its business journey that the individuals, organizations and companies they worked with could benefit from insights, design and development services through one of two different channels: consultancy and onsite services. This case study examines the onsite services side of the business and the benefits it brings to the firm’s partners.

Why Onsite?

Though Kaleidoscope Innovation started as a product development consultancy, it became evident that the company could complement their robust consultancy-style offerings with assistance for business partners seeking onsite services. When talking with business partners, Kaleidoscope discovered a common thread: many wanted or needed additional personnel to work in teams on projects but were constrained by headcount limitations or budget. These partners needed a flexible solution that would allow them to expand or augment the size and specialized skills of their teams when needed. To fill this need, Kaleidoscope expanded its product development business to offer onsite services.

Services Offered

Similar to the consultancy side of the business, Kaleidoscope’s onsite placement division provides companies with services across the product development spectrum. The onsite services placement team connects companies with the expertise they need—skilled designers, engineers, digital modelers, animators, project managers, technical writers, design researchers and more. Because the consultancy side of the business also comprises professionals working in these specialized fields, Kaleidoscope Innovation knows what to look for when connecting business partners with talent for their teams.

How It Works


As an example, a leading medical manufacturer identifies what resources they are seeking, such as an industrial designer for their projects. The business partner needs this industrial designer to work onsite as part of its team, but the company is not in a position to create a full-time, long-term position. This could be for any number of reasons, from headcount constraints, to budget, to a desire for low-risk entry. Given any one of these issues, Kaleidoscope Innovation can offer a creative, low-risk, high-return solution. Kaleidoscope’s onsite placement services team handles the process of finding and acquiring an experienced industrial designer. Kaleidoscope Innovation hires that person as a Kaleidoscope employee who works onsite at the partner’s business for the desired length of time. The partner can keep the employee onsite or cease using the person’s services as needed. Kaleidoscope takes responsibility for the HR implications. The business partner simply pays a monthly fee to Kaleidoscope for the industrial designer’s services. “When it comes to building relationships, we care about our employees and our partners,” says Joe Campbell, Recruiting Account Manager. “This is more than a placement opportunity. This is one person’s career and another person’s project.” When an onsite project is completed, the employee may be assigned to another onsite project or work at the consultancy. Dave Banks, who leads Kaleidoscope’s marketing team, is one example of a Kaleidoscope employee who started work in the onsite placement division and transitioned back into the consultancy. “Kaleidoscope is always looking for top talent,” says Banks. “We hire high-caliber, quality people whether it’s onsite or in-house, and this allows an easy transition for someone to move between the two. Often, our business partners become so happy with the people that Kaleidoscope places, they hire them full-time.”

Value For Businesses

Committed to improving the human experience through meaningful innovation, Onsite Services from Kaleidoscope Innovation flex to solve problems, filling the gaps with qualified people.

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