From time to time, it’s important to step back and evaluate the strategies that we take as a product development team. This helps us confirm our understanding, refresh our perspective, or find a better approach. Persona development is one of those things we constantly evaluate. Why do we do it? How does it help us? Who finds value in it? We sat down to discuss personas as a tool and then organized our thoughts.


While we had lots of ideas, all of the points could be organized under three key reasons. First, anyone can use personas. They’re a great cross-functional, multi-disciplinary tool that is human-centric, not just designer-centric. Second, the act of creating them is valuable in itself. Not only does the final deliverable help make decisions, but the act of creating personas as a team builds relationships that foster the discussion and collaboration required for innovation. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, personas keep us grounded in people rather than products. So we’ll keep flipping through magazines, covering the walls with post-its, and pouring through the data, because we know we’re on the path to something special.

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