what we learned from volunteeringOver the course of four days, Kaleidoscope employees volunteered with the Ronald McDonald House. Our employees worked alongside staff members to provide meals for families who were staying at the House while their children received nearby medical care.

“I really love the Ronald McDonald House,” said Madeline Purvis, Kaleidoscope’s Hospitality and Office Coordinator. “They do such a great job of taking care of families who are going through something unimaginable. The heart they have is something very extraordinary.”

How Families Benefit from the Ronald McDonald House

what we learned from volunteeringThe Ronald McDonald House provides housing, meals and other services for families who have children undergoing hospitalization. The intent is to allow families to simply focus on being present for their kids without having to worry about other time-consuming and energy-consuming parts of life like grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking. Further, it enables families who have traveled to medical centers for specialized treatment to have a place to stay nearby, and to have access to a community of families going through similar trials.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) spans a network across 64 countries and regions. Annually, RMHC helps more than 5.5 million children and families.

Hard-Hitting Impacts of Generous Support

what we learned from volunteeringThe Ronald McDonald House is supported by generous individuals and corporate sponsors such as (naturally) McDonald’s. While McDonald’s is the largest corporate sponsor, RMHC is a 501(c)(3) charity and a large number of additional businesses provide the organization with financial support or in-kind donations.


Volunteering with Purpose

what we learned from volunteeringKaleidoscope has participated in outreach activities spanning the Ronald McDonald House, the Freestore Foodbank, Walk for Parkinson’s Disease and the Walk Ahead for Brain Tumor Cure.

Additionally, we have participated in a number of innovation- or STEM-centered educational events for kids, including the Cincinnati Maker Faire, Space Day, Pi Day, and Innovation Day, among others.

what we learned from volunteeringEvery year, Kaleidoscope participates in a series of half-day volunteer outings. We have lent a hand at the Ronald McDonald House in particular for three years.

Kaleidoscope employees set tables, prepared and served meals to the families, and cleaned up afterward.


what we learned from volunteering“This was a fun and fulfilling experience,” said Daniel Hutchins, a Senior Design Engineer at Kaleidoscope. “Stepping outside of our daily routine to give even a modest amount of help for a few hours is humbling and satisfying at the same time. It’s easy to forget that circumstances can happen to any of us at any time where it helps to have others to lean on. The Ronald McDonald House most certainly provides that and it was great to be able to play a small part. As a parent, it’s easy to put myself in the shoes of any of the families we saw in the videos the Ronald McDonald House shared with us.”

Through volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, we learned more about the organization’s dedication to serving families and also how easy it would be for any one of us to be in the situation of these guests.

Community Connection

what we learned from volunteeringOur half-day volunteer outings at the Ronald McDonald House are one way we strive to connect with and give back to our community. We learned from guests about their backgrounds and experiences at the Ronald McDonald House.

“Our ‘Taste of Hope’ days at RMH are always enjoyable and rewarding,” said Angie Hall, Kaleidoscope’s Corporate Operations Manager. “Everyone stays hard at work doing various tasks, from roasting veggies, to cutting fruit, to washing dishes.


what we learned from volunteering“It goes without saying that all of the families staying there are under a great deal of stress, and are away from home for extended periods. One person we spoke with said his family had been there for 15 months. Making sure they get a hot meal means they have one less thing to worry about. Our team gets to help families in need, all while working together and having a great team-building experience. It’s a win-win.”