As we kick off the new year, we can all reflect on achievements and hard work over the past year. At Kaleidoscope, we want to take time to recognize and express gratitude for the special relationships that we maintain with each of our clients.

We also want to take special note of our colleagues, who have truly made Kaleidoscope a Best Place to Work. This is their time to share their experiences, as well as what they appreciate in their co-workers and the work environment they collectively foster.

Transforming the Vision into Action

2016 Best Place to Work Finalist“I believe it all resides in our culture,” says Matt Suits. “Whether you’re coming from a large corporation, startup or right out of college, you’re met with welcoming arms and it is just a great place to work. People really come to work every day to do great things, and it falls into our motto of Purpose Driven Innovation™.”

This is one of many responses given by our employees when asked why the Cincinnati Business Courier named Kaleidoscope a Best Place to Work for the past three years. In 2015, Kaleidoscope won the Best Places to Work competition, and in 2014 and 2016 Kaleidoscope was chosen as a Best Place to Work finalist.

Many People, One Purpose

2016 Best Place to Work FinalistThe reason for the annual contest is to identify Cincinnati-area workplaces with the most engaged workforce.

Kaleidoscope is intentional about creating an innovative and collaborative environment where employees actively design products and services that positively impact businesses and people.

Our individual team members hold diverse skill sets. We are a group with many backgrounds, from biomedical engineers to experimental psychologists to industrial designers to business people. But we unite under one umbrella of purpose: to create products and experiences that grow businesses and improve lives.

The Team Shares Their Views

Below are some responses from our own employees on why Kaleidoscope is a best place to work:

2016 Best Place to Work FinalistKatie McDonnell: “I think it has to do with the ‘what’ as much as the ‘how.’ The ‘what’ is the really amazing, impactful work that we do for our clients – but the ‘how’ is that we do it with mutual respect for each other.”

John Burke: “I can say it in one word, and that is ‘family.’ I feel like we are a family.”

Liz Freedman: “Kaleidoscope is a great place to work because of our people. We are truly blessed to have a team of creative individuals who come together and collaborate well to best meet the needs of our clients.”

2016 Best Place to Work FinalistMatt Miller: “I think Kaleidoscope is a great place to work because we get an opportunity to impact our customers’ lives in a way that not many places do.”

Mark Ortiz: “I like the variety in what I do, and I like to have the freedom to be able to work when I want to work and pace myself. And I also like the demands of the schedule.”

2016 Best Place to Work FinalistMatt Kornau: “I think Kaleidoscope is a great place to work because of the employees – notably number one, because of the great partners and clients that we have, and because of the altruistic nature of the work where we get to help increase patient outcomes.”

Angie Hall: “Leadership and the owners specifically. They treat everybody like real people – not like you’re just working at a giant corporation. You don’t feel like you have to choose between work and your family.”

2016 Best Place to Work FinalistCraig Jolly: “Without question the people. I have never worked with a group of people that care so much about the work they do and the people they do it with.”

Frank Busch: “I think Kaleidoscope is a great place to work because of the people I work with. Everyone is very smart and even the people that you aren’t directly working with, you have a lot to learn from.”

2016 Best Place to Work FinalistHali Nacdimen: “Everyone is hilarious and brilliant. We make a great team and we’re doing great things.”

Chris Collins: “I would have to say doing very serious, good work, but having fun doing it.”

Brendan Dickinson: “Opportunity and community. Opportunity because I never would have expected to be able to go to places like Mexico and China, but Kaleidoscope has allowed me to do that. And community because I have never worked with such amazing people before in my life.”

2016 Best Place to Work Finalist

Ben Ko: “So I think Kaleidoscope is a microcosm of Cincinnati in that it’s a place where it’s big enough you can do pretty much whatever you want but small enough that you can make a change and impact, and evolve it to what you want it to be.”