Kaleidoscope - Best Places to Work 2015What makes a great place to work? Great people. No question. But let’s dig deeper.

Analyzing the results, some key areas of high scores point to four essential elements that helped make Kaleidoscope a 2015 Best Places to Work finalist in Cincinnati from the Business Courier.

Each year, companies are rated through employee surveys on areas such as:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Feeling valued
  • Alignment with goals
  • Individual contribution
  • Manager effectiveness
  • Retention, teamwork, benefits and more

The program recognizes companies that take employee satisfaction to the highest level and awards winners based on tabulated results in five size categories.

“Kaleidoscope has been chosen as a finalist for the Best Places to Work in Cincinnati 2015 because of the employees we are fortunate to attract,” said Matt Kornau, CEO of Kaleidoscope. “Our employees are motivated by working on projects that have a direct impact on enhancing both patient outcomes and consumer satisfaction. Our people are about making a difference.”

Here’s a look at the top 4 things that make a great place to work according to the survey results:

#1. Challenging Work

Kaleidoscope - Best Places to Work 2015The data shows that many people at Kaleidoscope thrive on challenges and rise to meet them. Some of the highest marks were for the questions such as “I find my job interesting and challenging” and that the work was “enjoyable.”

“We are also very fortunate to attract a highly talented and eclectic group of designers, researchers, engineers, clinicians, business people and administrators that thrive on challenges,” said Kornau. “Our employees understand their impact on the success of the company and our culture is nurtured by their mutual respect for each other. It is our people that bring to life our ‘purpose driven innovation’ mantra for enhancing people’s lives.”

#2. Shared Commitment to Quality

Kaleidoscope - Best Places to Work 2015 Across the board the people of Kaleidoscope felt a unified “commitment to producing top quality work.” Many coworkers also felt their peers “went the extra mile to achieve great results.”

“Our team treats our business partners’ time and money as if it is our own,” said Bill Taylor, Kaleidoscope President. “We hear from our partners that our team’s passion for design shines through in every project.”

#3. Feeling Valued

Kaleidoscope - Best Places to Work 2015Another key factor for making a great place to work was providing a feeling of being valued. High marks were recognized for the questions such as “the leaders of the organization value people as their most important resource.”

“At Kaleidoscope, we want teammates to feel valued and to see how their work matters,” said Melanie Booher, HR Strategy Leader for Kaleidoscope. “We empower people to make decisions. We trust our team to make good things happen, and our leaders focus on improving and growing the business.”

#4. Alignment with Goals

Kaleidoscope - Best Places to Work 2015The ability to make a difference seems to resonate well with the people at Kaleidoscope, as does a strong belief in the success of the company.

“At Kaleidoscope, our shared and innate desire to improve people’s lives is the fulcrum around which our common goals, endeavors and achievements revolve,” said Giuseppe Delena, COO. “Within our sphere of influence, we are stewards of the success of our clients, the lives of the customers and of each other as a team.”

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