It used to be that a company could earn a name for itself through the technology it provided or the information it had access to. But as the barriers to technology and information continue to dissolve, even small players can disrupt major industries by providing a compelling user experience design. Just look at how companies like Uber have disrupted the mobility market without ever manufacturing a single vehicle.

At Kaleidoscope Innovation, we know that the biggest factor that separates products and services that succeed from those that fail is the experience they provide for their users.

Our seasoned team is here to support you, whether it’s understanding user needs, mapping a new strategy, or designing a product interface.

Our user experience design services include:

  • UX Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • UX Prototyping & Testing
  • Information Architecture
  • Service Design
  • Automotive UX Design
  • Consumer Journey Mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Visual Design
  • Style Guide & Developer Communication
  • User Experience Design Audits & Other Offerings

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“Sometimes working with other firms, we found the design concepts didn’t connect with the research. Kaleidoscope’s designs were actionable and a direct response to the user’s needs that were uncovered in the research. I now use the Kaleidoscope UX research and design project as an example of how projects should be done. The team was enthusiastic and I felt we had a common goal.”

– Project Lead Research and Design, Leading Automotive Company





How We’re Different


Strategically Sound

Even the most elegant solution will fall flat unless it delivers value to your customers and supports your business model. We take the time to deeply understand your industry to ensure our solutions make a positive impact on your customers’ lives and your bottom line.

Insights Driven

For User Experience (UX) design to be successful, we focus on translating insights about your users into plans and designs that directly meet their needs. One of our most requested deliverables is a journey map that visually illustrates user insights and highlights the opportunities for growth.


Because Kaleidoscope Innovation has a diverse staff of researchers, designers, engineers, software developers, and industry experts on hand at all times, we are able to develop innovative solutions that others miss. We also collaborate closely with our clients and frequently facilitate workshops and brainstorming sessions to involve your domain expertise in our design process.

Prototyping and Testing Experts

Because we follow a user-centered design process, we believe in building low, mid, and high-fidelity prototypes to quickly test, iterate, and improve our designs. Our testing protocols are designed to provide the right amount of user feedback for each phase of the project. And because we have access to the best prototyping tools, we make this process quick and cost-effective.

End-to-End User Interface Design

Our team of UX designers has expertise in information architecture, interaction design, and visual design, as well as experience collaborating with development teams. Whether your users need a simple membrane interface, a full-featured software solution, or a VR environment, our UX design team can plan and execute the user interface.

Useful, Usable and Delightful

Many teams think their job is done when the product is useful — able to complete a specific goal. Other teams push further to ensure the design is usable. However, at Kaleidoscope Innovation, we know that truly differentiated and successful products are also delightful — providing an extra spark of joy that can’t be found elsewhere. So we set the bar where it belongs: a genuinely delightful user experience.


Complete Product Development Under One Roof:






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“Kaleidoscope’s spirit of collaboration was top notch. In the past, we’ve worked with design firms that were tied to a direction and would continue to push that way. With Kaleidoscope, they listened. The communication was open and collaborative. I also appreciate the cross-functional expertise, the way experts in human factors, mechanical engineering or UX design could jump in immediately when needed. Kaleidoscope provides a wide range of expertise efficiently.”

– Vice President of Global Engineering and R&D at a Leading Chemical Dispensing Manufacturer








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