Engineering is the art and science of creating innovation. We are inventors. The technical team making up our engineering consulting services is the heart of our ability to move from insights and early-stage concepts to manufacture-ready designs.

The People Behind our Engineering Consulting Services

Our engineers are well-versed in the laws of physics, manufacturing processes and constraints, as well as materials, tooling and tolerances. We maintain design integrity throughout the lifespan of the project to build durable and dependable products that are human-centered.

Our capabilities span:

  • Mechanical Invention
  • Functional Prototyping
  • System Engineering
  • Complex Mechanism
  • Engineering Analysis/FEA
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Statistical Tolerance Analysis
  • Tooling Support & Qualification
  • Regulatory Support

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Drug-Device Delivery

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Kaleidoscope Innovation improved the delivery device for a winning therapeutic agent that was poorly adopted due to device and procedure complications.

Revolutionizing Stent Deployment

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Kaleidoscope Innovation created a revolutionary gear-driven aortic stent introducer for leading medical device company that significantly reduces force required...

Bringing Strategy to Home Safety

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Kaleidoscope Innovation partnered seamlessly with a network of providers to create a point of purchase design strategy and bring to life a full range of baby gates.

International Insights


The Erikoodu Briquette, a clean-burning fuel product, was designed to reduce indoor air pollution and decrease damaging health effects for those who typically cook with wood...




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