Today, brands are leveraging VR to create powerful sales, marketing and educational tools while forging deeper connections with users. And now is the ideal time to unlock the potential for your brand.

Kaleidoscope Innovation lives on the leading edge of VR technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We specialize in interactive experiences that have far more impact than regular video. With a long history of being animation pioneers, our creative team is steeped in storytelling experience. Plus, we are practiced at bringing that skill to the top brands in consumer, industrial, healthcare and the automotive industries.

Our VR work can be experienced on mobile with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or with the high-end HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets. To bring our virtual environments to life, we use popular game engines as Unity 3D and Unreal. We are also experienced at incorporating a variety of user input from tracked controllers to accurate hand tracking.

“Thanks for bringing the VR Lab to our team. It was a great meeting and helped us better understand how VR is being used today. Our team had a blast and everyone enjoyed trying it out.” 

– Director of Innovation, Consumer Goods Company 


The Kaleidoscope Portable VR Lab Demo

Imagine new possibilities for your brand. Experience VR firsthand. 

Brands are creating VR and AR applications at a rapid pace. Stay ahead of the competition and create meaningful experiences for your consumers with VR and AR. If you’ve got ideas but are unsure if an application is right for you, our Portable VR Lab demo will help align your team on the potential. For select companies, Kaleidoscope Innovation pros bring the VR experience to you. We’ll share our capabilities overview as well as a 20-minute presentation on how leading brands are using VR today. Also, everyone on your team will get a chance to experience cutting-edge VR. In our Explore New Worlds VR demo, you’ll travel the solar system from the storms of Venus to the rings of Saturn in a exciting new way.       

1 Hour Capabilities plus live VR demo time



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