Innovation Igniter is a sampling of top products in emerging technology and product design. Covering categories such as virtual or augmented reality, Medtech, user centered design and robotics, it is a great resource to staying ‘in the know’ in the world of innovation.


This Smart Radio Highlights The Key UX Challenge For Artificial Intelligence.>

Uniform has developed this radio that uses Microsoft’s Emotion API to identify and catalog emotions it detects on faces, ranging from sadness to elation to anger. These readings are then cross-referenced with Spotify’s data containing emotional connection to all the music in its catalog. By matching up the two data sets, the radio finds something to play.

These Soft Robotic Muscles Could Help With Physical Therapy.>

The Reconfigurable Robotics Lab at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne is in the process of a breakthrough versatile technology that recreates functional muscle tissue. It is a tubular muscle made of elastic materials, the motion of which can be tightly controlled. They can stretch and bend when activated by air pumps — currently not small enough to wear, but getting there. This tech is definitely something to keep a pulse on as it evolves.

Google’s Daydream View Is a VR Eye Pillow.>

Google released it’s Daydream View and poising itself as a primary contender in the VR world. This headset was designed not just for function, but for comfort. It is still a more integrated VR headset for mobile devices than some of it’s competitors, but it’s big win is the simple and soft design. It has been coined the ‘eye pillow’ of VR.