Principal Human Factors Designer Bob Roth

March 5th marks the annual National Industrial Design Day – a day to recognize industrial designers’ achievements and contributions to society.

It is also a day to spread awareness of the industrial design field to young people who may be interested in this exciting career option.

So from us at Kaleidoscope to industrial designers everywhere: Thank you for the work you do every day that impacts our lives.

How Industrial Designers Impact Society

Our design team at Kaleidoscope includes people in the fields of industrial design, UX/UI design, and human factors. They use their creative talents to help transform ideas into tangible objects or experiences that offer real value for consumers. They are some of the hidden faces behind the products that we use every day. When you see a ceiling fan, a medical device, a stapler, a coffee machine, a cell phone, or a car – an industrial designer was almost certainly working behind the scenes to help bring that product into fruition.

Executive Director of Design Chris Collins

Good design, both internally and externally, is often critical to a product’s overall success. This cannot be emphasized enough.

Kaleidoscope Executive Director of Design Chris Collins wrote about the importance of and process for making good aesthetics decisions in the eBook, Meaningful Aesthetics: A Guide to Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable Design Decisions:

“The designer’s process to make targeted aesthetic design solutions includes examining brand personality, technical constraints, cross industry design trends, the function or purpose of the product, fundamental design principles and user triggers such as desires, emotion and familiarity. From a design perspective, it is important to establish a solid targeted design direction via an overall aesthetic strategy. This ensures a focused effort on a specific target and creates a measuring stick when the editing process kicks in.”

UX Designer Jerad Raines

Much more than merely the “cherry on top,” design runs through an entire product, and is the result of thorough end user research and human factors analyses.

UX/UI designers, also highly involved in the design process, focus on the usability and pleasure derived from using a particular product.

More About National Industrial Design Day

Cross-functional team at an IDSA event

National Industrial Design Day was made official on March 5, 2015 – the same day as IDSA’s (Industrial Design Society of America) 50th anniversary.

According to IDSA Executive Director Chris Livaudais:

“This day is a moment for us to reflect on the countless ways industrial designers positively influence our daily activities and improve the way we all live, work and play. It’s extremely important for us to celebrate the people who bring ideas and products to life through industrial design.”

Our Design Team

Jake Schubert Kaleidoscope Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer Jake Schubert

Kaleidoscope’s design team includes: Chris Collins (Executive Director of Design), Karl Vanderbeek (Associate Creative Director of ID), Bob Roth (Principal Human Factors and Industrial Designer), Jerad Raines (Staff User Experience Designer), Hali Nacdimen (Industrial Designer), Jake Schubert (Industrial Designer), Frank Busch (Industrial Designer) and Sebastian Gomez (Visualization Designer).

Good Products Require Collaboration

Kaleidoscope - Our People

Kaleidoscope Team

It is of great importance to note that products come about as the result of a cross-functional collaborative process. At Kaleidoscope, our designers work with our engineers, project managers, businesspeople and more to create products that meet our business partners’ objectives and ultimately improve lives. We are all an integral part of the process of creating meaningful products.