Project Description

Virtual Reality: Explore New Worlds

Kaleidoscope Innovation created a Virtual Reality experience that allows users to explore our solar system in an effort to support STEM learning initiatives.


Scientific and technological knowledge are at a premium because of the coming challenges of the global information-based economy. As a country, educators have identified a need to creatively support and promote Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) skills in advance of the rising demand for passionate workers to fill these positions.



Explore New Worlds - Kaleidoscope Thomas Meyer





Kaleidoscope Innovation created the engaging “Explore New Worlds” Virtual Reality experience to help address these challenges. This VR experience uses a Leap Motion Controller, the Oculus Rift Develop Kit2 (DK2) headsets and a 3D printed mount, which allows users to interact with the planets using their hands.

Kaleidoscope Innovation demonstrated Explore New Worlds at local STEM learning events including the Cincinnati Mini-Maker Faire and iSpace Day.


Explore New Worlds - Kaleidoscope Thomas Meyer





“I will never forget this!”

– Explore New Worlds Participant




Hundreds of families donned the Oculus headset and explored the planets, some using VR for the first time. “I will never forget this,” said one participant.

Universally, all were delighted and the Kaleidoscope Innovation team was asked back for a repeat performance the next year. Consistent with Kaleidoscope Innovation’s mission of Purpose Driven Innovation, we hope our efforts inspired many of those in the long lines to explore more with STEM careers.

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Explore New Worlds - Kaleidoscope Thomas Meyer