Project Description

Captivating design and streamlined communication

You’ve probably seen this design in your supermarket’s laundry aisle. Procter & Gamble’s Fabric Care team chose Kaleidoscope to bring the next generation of Tide to life with the design of their new liquid-filled pod and package.


Our approach considered all parts of the product experience. Through the creation and testing of complex personas to diverse form studies, Kaleidoscope developed a library of design elements that delivered on Tide’s promise. Unique to the category, the clear, round package grabbed shopper’s attention and represented the flowing beauty and power of Tide.




Although design details often get lost in the implementation phase of a project, our team kept the original design objectives intact from inception through to market. Kaleidoscope’s internal engineering and design capabilities allowed us to balance consumer needs with manufacturing requirements throughout the project, ensuring both a delightful and feasible result.


“More than 60% of the unit dose market was captured …”



The package design was called “iconic” by the client. More than 60% of the unit dose market was captured by the successful and compelling packaging. Another win was the collaborative management of internal and external partners to bring this game-changing packaging to life.