Project Description


Kaleidoscope Innovation considered multiple perspectives for improved design of an entire line of accessories for Motorola’s next generation of ruggedized computers.


Kaleidoscope Innovation and Motorola have collaborated since the late 1990s. Because of Kaleidoscope Innovation’s deep category knowledge and working history, Motorola asked us to formulate and envision the accessory line of their next-generation ruggedized mobile computer system.





Through in-depth research, it was discovered that installation costs outweighed device cost, space was at a premium, and service was cumbersome. We approached the project from both a top-down and ground-up perspective, studying each individual system element while mapping opportunities within the entire product and service system.



Kaleidoscope Innovation’s universal design accommodates current standard practices as well as future hardware systems. A modular cradle enables stand-alone battery charging, and the new system reduces device storage space by half. Overall, the MC9500 created a new standard of excellence within the industry, ensuring prime competitive advantage for Motorola.