Project Description

Medical-Device Development for Rivendell Heights

Project Parula is a pupil-tracking and monocular-vision imaging system designed to track eye movement of non-human primates (Rhesus Macaque) using infrared cameras. This system is used in psychophysics for quantitative research of stimulus and sensation responses.


Rivendell Heights, Inc., a leader in medical, research and aerospace-imaging products, approached Kaleidoscope Innovation to improve the appearance and functionality of the optical device used to conduct primate research. Our challenge was to convert the functional engineering prototype into a highly usable product capable of being manufactured cost effectively. This optical device requires precision repeatable optical alignment. Designed to be used in a primate research facility, usability and non-intimidating features are critical to the acceptance of the device and it must interface with the primates’ facial features.


Kaleidoscope Innovation approached the project by working with the client to first define the optical axis and alignment prior to defining the interior structure and housing. Once optical alignment was determined, the internal base plates to support the optical components were created. Next, the team defined the user interface, cable routing and method for suspending the device. Existing CAD data and photos were used to shape the front face to accommodate peephole access for imaging. Working from the inside out with an engineering team and industrial designers, we created a homogenous solution in less than four weeks. Frequent customer touch points created a seamless working relationship.



“During a meeting, it became evident that connection to the table was no longer necessary.”

During a pivotal discussion, the support was moved to the top of the assembly.  Wiring was also brought out the top.  The new camera could free hang between the patient and a computer screen displaying their live image.



Working closely and iteratively together, Kaleidoscope Innovation and Rivendell Heights created solutions to define a system to meet all the client’s original expectations and more.

“The result was unique, slick and functional. The visual impression approaching the camera is as remarkable as the novel image it provides. Kaleidoscope’s Carmen Chacon’s ophthalmic instrument experience was invaluable. The enclosure design is a perfect complement to the high technology inside, smoothing the path for product transition from laboratory to market. There is but one chance to make a first impression. The enclosure is so much more than plastic.”

Greg Sprehn, President

Rivendell Heights, LLC.


Services provided by other groups or companies:

  • 3D systems provided the SLA high-resolution printed and cast parts
  • High-quality painted gloss parts
  • Internal hardware to mimic assembly method
  • Machined prototype parts provided by client using 2D drawings