Project Description

for Nom Nom Nation

Our Partner wanted to create a way for people to quickly and easily make donations to their local food bank. We created an app that allows people to easily donate dollars or meals right from their phone.


Current donation models are a hassle, requiring a lot of time and energy to make in-person donations. Nom Nom Nation chose to address this barrier by making donations easy and seamless. Increasing the “motivation to donate” was also addressed.


Our first task was to understand the current donation model and how it could be improved. Using reports on the current process from local food bank managers, we were able to map out possible donation methods and assimilate testimonials into usable data.



“Gamification leads to motivation.”

We realized that if we could “gamify” the experience and infuse a competitive nature to the donation process, that would be all the motivation that people would need.



The solution simplifies the donation process, while making it fun. These improvements will likely lead to increased food donation to food banks.

“My entire experience working with Kaleidoscope on the architecture and design of NomNom Nation can be strongly characterized by one word; Professional. In every sense of the word, all of my relationships, discussions and meetings with the designers at Kaleidoscope were kept at an excellent degree of professionalism that I hope to find when working with other companies.”

Brent Bielinski

Founder Nom Nom Nation



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