Project Description


Motorola asked Kaleidoscope Innovation to help them serve new clients with the ES400 ruggedized mobile computer by creating a more cost-effective and compact solution.

The ES400—a ruggedized, handheld mobile computer—began life as a skunk-works project to broaden the customer base of Motorola’s computing devices. Motorola team members identified an opportunity to serve new clients by designing more cost-effective and compact solutions, and they chose Kaleidsocope Innovation to help them get there.

Research revealed the current perception of Motorola’s devices was based on the software user-interface, not the hardware specification. Guided by this information, we designed user interface elements that created a more consumer-friendly experience. By breaking down the common processes and behaviors in field service and sales, Kaleidoscope Innovation helped Motorola organize the user-service elements into manageable and flexible ingredients.

The ES400 was the first Motorola Solutions device to create Motorola brand- and task-specific software elements that leverage the high technology of the device.