Project Description

Meridian Bioscience

Kaleidoscope Innovation redesigned the TRU FLU workstation and components and greatly increased usage by improving workflow.


The TRU-FLU test kit system rapidly detects influenza and differentiates between influenza A and B. Meridian entrusted Kaleidoscope Innovation with the re-design of the TRU FLU workstation and accompanying components in order to reduce user errors, improve product workflow and maximize storage.




Design steps included a task-flow analysis, laboratory procedure mapping, and technician-preference studies.  To ensure the product’s alignment with user needs, we listened to feedback from lab technicians and observed real-time product usage. After rounds of sketching, CAD work and full-scale mock-ups to verify product usability, we worked closely with the vendor to transfer the re-designed and engineered solution to the manufacturers.




Our final deliverable provided Meridian with a TRU-FLU integrated storage and test stand system that reflected the needs of lab technicians, minimized the potential for errors and provided space for future expansion to other rapid test applications.