Project Description

Tide Pods™

Kaleidoscope helped P&G reinvent the laundry category with breakthrough Tide Pods innovation that engages consumers as brilliantly as it cleans.


The Procter & Gamble Fabric Care team approached Kaleidoscope with the opportunity to create something new that would feel familiar: A dissolvable pod that would blend detergent, brightener and stain fighter into one unit-dose package, and reinvent the way people do laundry. P&G also needed a distinctive container for the pods that would highlight the Tide Pods innovation within.



Kaleidoscope’s design helped develop a unit-dose pod that is easy to transport and pre-measured for effectiveness. The pod eliminates the mess associated with liquid and powder detergents. While unprecedented, the new product employs the brand’s iconic colors and aligns with the Tide® brand promise and visually captures the essence of the brand.



“Consumers have responded with delight to the simple, intuitive pods and the rounded container.”



Consumers have responded with delight to the simple, intuitive Tide Pods innovation and the rounded container, which reinforces the pod’s iconic design and underscores the positive feelings associated with the pod experience.

The new Tide® PODS™ push the brand forward, creating a visual shift in the retail laundry aisle.

“The breakthrough and the beauty of the pod and packaging, required us to do it justice with beautiful print, TV and digital. Kaliedoscope raised the bar. In research, people could not stop smiling and engaging with the product.”

Fabric Care Design



Additional Parties

Landor is the Tide agency of record and created the branding materials. Kaleidoscope partnered seamlessly with Landor to bring the pod’s industrial design and iconic package shape to life.