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Amana: Digital Experience Design

In partnership with appliance-manufacturer Amana, Kaleidoscope Innovation created a digital experience design that reimagined traditional appliance shopping to empower consumers through interactivity and exploration using interaction design best practices.


For many, shopping for appliances has become a stressful and disconcerting experience. Amana asked for a fresh concept that would inject fun into the retail experience. The solution also needed to empower consumers to make educated decisions that they could feel confident about.




The idea arose to utilize Microsoft’s Kinect to drive an interactive in-store information kiosk that is both educational and whimsical.

Kaleidoscope Innovation employed interaction design best practices to address the needs of the not-so-tech-savvy consumer by teaching the “ropes” of navigation through playful gesture-based interaction. Dynamic exploration is also encouraged, tracking interaction with sophisticated sensors and rewarding users with input-driven product videos.



“People want to feel empowered.”

For many shopping for appliances had become a stressful and disconcerting experience.



The end result is a sensory experience that leaves the consumer educated and mentally stimulated. Consumers are able to make confident decisions while being left with a uniquely positive brand experience that will stay with them long after they leave the store.



As part of the major launch events as Microsoft rolled out the next generation of its Kinect for Windows for public preview, Microsoft listed the Amana work done by Kaleidoscope Innovation on their page featuring partners driving innovation in human computing.

Driving Innovation for Retail

The demo uses Kinect for Windows to track when a user physically interacts with the appliance, and to provide them with valuable information on the specific appliance they are touching. The concept is to enable aKinect for windows SDK 2 new, simple way for customers to interact and engage with home appliances on the sales floor, bringing features and benefits of each appliance to virtual life and driving purchasing decisions via simple gestures.

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Amana and Kaleidoscope Innovation Retail Innovation

The Amana retail innovation was originally featured on the Microsoft site in an article when the application rolled out to stores in select markets.Amana-01

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