Project Description

Motorola Solutions

Motorola launched a new category of Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDAs) aimed at emerging market sectors. Kaleidoscope Innovation produced the communication tools that explain these new technologies and increased awareness exponentially.


Through continued market analysis, Motorola identified an emerging market sector in enterprise mobile computing that was currently being under served, yet projected to grow nearly 25% over the next two years. Through extensive research and development, Motorola identified a specific set of criteria that allowed them to serve this market sector while ensuring total cost of ownership and ROI were in line with market expectations.

In response to this market dynamic, Motorola designed cost-optimized EDAs that help value-conscious enterprises affordably automate business processes in field mobility applications. Striking ergonomics, lightweight design, rugged construction and a core set of mobile computing features empower enterprise knowledge workers with communication and productivity tools that only Motorola could bring to market. To assist with the product launch, and to build awareness within the organization, Motorola contracted Kaleidoscope Innovation to develop a series of short documentaries showcasing the innovation that went into the design and development of these new products.


To bring this story to life, Kaleidoscope Innovation proposed an interview style video that featured key contributors from the Motorola team, including senior executives and designers, discussing the strategy, insights, and innovations that drove every decision in development of these products. Kaleidoscope Innovation utilized our insights gathering team to develop a story outline that the videos would be structured around. The video production team, then used this outline to guide the Motorola talent, ensuring the story was accurately captured. To elevate Motorola’s brand throughout the videos, Kaleidoscope Innovation’s design and animation team was called upon to supplement the interviews with interstitial elements that kept the video fresh and exciting throughout.


Kaleidoscope proposed an interview style video that featured key contributors from the Motorola team



The Innovation and Design video series not only helped propel the new EDAs forward within the Motorola organization, but also assisted their launch in key international markets. The product line was well received in the market and settled nicely into the EDA lineup Motorola already has established.

“The video series made all the difference in helping us communicate our vision.” –Dianne S, Sr. Manager Product Marketing, Motorola Solutions