Project Description

P&G Cheer Detergent

P&G was looking for a way to engage the Cheer design, technology and marketing teams with Design Thinking methodologies to transform an ordinary brand into something extraordinary. 


Successful product development requires a holistic focus on the customer across diverse parts of the organization. The best results happen when teams share a common vision of the consumer experience, competitive landscape and business objectives.

P&G turned to Kaleidoscope Innovation to create an immersive brand experience that was disruptive and engaging to cut through the noise to energize, inspire and unite the Cheer team.


Kaleidoscope Innovation created a “hyper immersive environment” that ignited the design, technology and marketing teams. Much more than a brick-and-mortar loft location that removed team members from their day-to-day world, the Cheer loft experience gave them a space where their senses could be stimulated by sights, smells, textures, imagery, brand stimulus, fashion trends, consumer archetypes, music and videos in a high fashion theme.

With only a few weeks’ notice, the Kaleidoscope Innovation team created a multi-sensory space that communicated the product vision and spurred ideation through development of:

  • A manifesto or mission statement to set the overall tone
  • More than 7 consumer personas/archetypes to embody the core audience
  • Marketplace snapshot that reflected the current competitive landscape
  • Visual insights with video interviews from consumers and key internal stakeholders
  • Product concepts (sketches and/or models)
  • Macro- and Micro-level trend data visualization
  • Scenario exercises that capture possible visions of the future
  • Installment and curation of multiple stations along the path including video content, boards, products and product concepts
  • An innovation toolkit and facilitated sessions to capture the experience and ideation
  • A takeaway book and video to share insights across broader teams

Methods employed included:

  • Consumer research design, research and visualization of findings
  • Immersive experience design of the environment
  • Trend analysis, synthesis and visualization
  • Market analysis and visualization
  • Workshop development and facilitation
  • Innovative toolkit development to spur ideation and ability to capture findings




“Kaleidoscope provided a ‘hyper immersive environment’ that integrated design, technology and marketing.”

Project Lead, Cheer Brand



Although it was originally designed to serve as the setting for a single meeting, the Cheer loft lived for over a year and helped to:

  • Serve as a catalyst for dozens of innovation activities, including the launch of a new line
  • Create product concepts that ranged from simply repackaging existing chemistry to complex fabric care systems
  • Paint a picture of the new Cheer consumer through archetypes
  • Capture key concepts through video interviews and visualization to enhance alignment
  • Inspire a team and ignite them toward a new vision of Cheer as an essential fashion accessory

“Kaleidoscope provided a ‘hyper immersive environment’ that integrated design, technology and marketing teams.”
Project Lead,  Cheer Brand

Sample of a trend type video used on stations

Guide to Growing a Culture of Innovation