Project Description

The Health Collaborative

The Health Collaborative has a history of addressing the Triple Aim for Greater Cincinnati of better health, better care and lower cost. The team wanted to envision the opportunities that could be possible if employers were working together to maximize the value of employee benefits. Experienced Kaleidoscope Innovation researchers and innovation experts facilitated a dynamic session to clarify the vision. The team left with a firm understanding of opportunities as well as a path forward. 



The Health Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati has a proven track record of drawing together stakeholders to improve health and healthcare in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Employers Council is a young initiative launched in 2015 and designed as a means for employers to speak with a united voice as they address providers and plans about critical matters in the employer benefits space. It represents businesses of varying sizes and works diligently to support health and healthcare goals within their organizations.

Through Kaleidoscope Innovation’s ideation session and highly regarded facilitation structure, the group aimed to discover and explicitly define common issues, and to start outlining shared priorities as an Employers Council.

Some specific areas for discussion and concept generation included data collection and sharing (claims / clinical), specifically with linking drug spend to diagnosis; specialty drugs, as the cost increase is currently 20-30 percent annually; and wellness and employee health, such as best practices, aligning incentives for employees and idea exchange.





Kaleidoscope Innovation approached the ideation session with full force, and the results were meaningful for The Health Collaborative’s Employers Council.

Executive-level staff from the hospitals and insurance companies gave an overview of the importance of these employer issues, and why addressing them would be valuable.

Over the course of the four-hour Kaleidoscope Innovation-guided innovation workshop session, the group generated problem statements for three areas: specialty drugs, employee wellness and data sharing. They further grouped and prioritized key problem statements. After identifying these specific areas of innovation opportunity, participants imagined potential solutions by utilizing a “round table” technique. Finally, they aligned these with the areas of opportunity created by the Employers Council.



“What gets measured gets improved.”

After the Health Collaborative began publically reporting clinical results for diabetes , control improved from a community average of 29% to 36% of patients in control of their diabetes. For employers this is a positive because costs are reduced when employees are in control of chronic diseases.



As a result of this proactive session, 12 participants generated more than 200 problem statements that were theme-organized into three focus areas. Participants imagined solutions for 12 of the problem statements, ultimately to gain alignment across the specific problem to solve within each focus area.

The ideation session fulfilled The Health Collaborative’s objectives for alignment on key shared issues to address through the Employers Council.

“We saw strong value in the facilitation session. We are building momentum. The team did a wonderful job letting the conversation flow and herding it in for focus as well. We are grateful to have you in our corner. We had a vision for what the Employers Council could accomplish. The session with Kaleidoscope allowed us to take our vision and made it real and valuable for the Employers Council and us.”

Laura Randall, SVP External Affairs

The Health Collaborative



In April 2015, the Health Collaborative, the Greater Cincinnati Health Council, and HealthBridge merged into a single organization called the Health Collaborative. The three well-respected, long-standing nonprofit health and health care improvement organizations are now working together under a single management structure, which more efficiently aligns services and more effectively meets the needs of the communities, stakeholders and members. Every action taken by the team supports the efforts to reach the Triple Aim for Greater Cincinnati:
Better Health, Better Care, Lower Cost.

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