Project Description


Kaleidoscope Innovation redesigned the point of purchase experience for Evenflo baby gates and helped the company become the single-source supplier for a major retail chain.


Due to the size of the product and packaging complexity, the shopping experience for baby gates felt disorganized and frustrating. Low visibility made it difficult to see the complete line and compare features; packages were sometimes opened and abandoned. Potential customers often left empty-handed. A major retailer was looking to single-source baby gates and invited all suppliers to present their strategy. Evenflo partnered with Kaleidoscope Innovation to create a destination shopping experience that reflected their brand promise of “We’ve made it our legacy to protect yours.”



Kaleidoscope Innovation managed the effort as a fast-turn project with frequent client check-ins. Three design language choices were provided, emphasizing high-impact branding and quickly and visually communicating the hierarchy of information desired by customers. This included size of opening, price, mounting-type, gate-type and place of use in the house. The result was a cohesive brand experience as a family of products with multiple choices for consumers. Packaging waste was greatly reduced. Plus, for the retailer, the display-ready packaging simplified shelf and inventory management while reducing labor.



Consumers often left empty-handed due to frustration and confusion.

Organization and in-store education are key to customer satisfaction.



Our solution reduced packaging, freed the consumer to interact with the product and, most of all, won with the retail buyer.

“Working with Kaleidoscope, Evenflo was able to deliver a clear single source initiative solution to several mass retailers. This initiative was driven by key insights delivering exactly what the shopper needed eliminating confusion and frustration at shelf. Kaleidoscope over delivered on this initiative under extreme time constraints.”

Jon Conaway, Sr. Product Manager


Evenflo Company, Inc.