Project Description


Evenflo partnered with Kaleidoscope Innovation to revitalize their brand and competitive stance in the toddler-feeding marketplace.


Our research uncovered that healthy eating habits for toddlers represented a significant brand opportunity space.




From this insight, we created the “Eating Arc” and accompanying philosophy. The goal of this system is to nurture healthy eating habits in children ages 3-5 (based on American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines). Our team designed a full product line, equipped with compelling design and complementary stories that reinforce the Eating Arc philosophy.



In addition, Kaleidoscope Innovation demonstrated its proven success as a strategic communications partner by successfully promoting the Eating Arc concept and designs to buyers such as Target, Walmart, K-mart and Babies-R-Us. These major retailers welcomed the new product line and it’s design philosophy, helping Evenflo gain a strong competitive edge and meaningful presence in the marketplace.