Project Description

Mother Parkers, RealCup™

With RealCup’s large number of beverage combinations, showing all brewing options could be confusing to the consumer. To build engagement and drive adoption, RealCup needed an interface that would delight the user. RealCup partnered with Kaleidoscope Innovation to create a user-friendly touchscreen interaction design that is brewing up a real robust connection for consumers.


To better serve consumer needs, RealCup offered an unmatched number of beverage combinations. Also, with many first-to-market engineering advancements, RealCup wanted a truly outstanding interaction design interface that would experientially set their brewer apart and build their newly established brand. RealCup partnered with Kaleidoscope Innovation to meet these needs.


Design and innovation interaction design



Kaleidoscope Innovation employed competitive analysis, usability testing and other product design and interaction tools to create an intuitive touchscreen user experience. Specific use of color to denote touch points and clear iconography to provide clarity and ease of use allow customers to quickly and easily tailor their beverage to their exact specifications. Kaleidoscope Innovation also created the brand design language and developed an experience that reinforced the brand equity.



“When it comes to a person and their coffee, it’s best to just get out of the way.”

People are impatient and specific when it comes to their cup of coffee. The user interface must “get out of the way” and allow people to connect with their cup of coffee, created just the way they like it.



Since hitting the market, customer feedback has been tremendous with the touchscreen attracting particular attention.

“Kaleidoscope delivered a design that was true to our brand identity and target customer. They designed a touchscreen layout that is intuitive and powerful. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Scott Hanneson, Channel Manager, Equipment 

Mother Parkers