Project Description

for Evenflo

Kaleidoscope Innovation partnered seamlessly with a network of providers to create a point of purchase design strategy and bring to life a full range of line-review-ready baby gates for Evenflo. Plus, the team needed to uncover user’s true needs to create a user-centered design solution.


Evenflo asked Kaleidoscope Innovation to strategize and design a complete line of gates to win business at Target. Evenflo counted on Kaleidoscope Innovation to turn our Purpose Driven Innovation focus on the project to uncover the hierarchy of needs of the users. The research and insights work uncovered a diverse set of user needs including ability to:

  • Keep the child safe and close to Mom
  • Make the gates work easily and intuitively for a great user experience
  • Provide a soft feel with strong protection
  • Be easy to install for a great user experience at the second moment of truth
  • Work “where I need it” on a variety of opening types and widths





Kaleidoscope Innovation partnered seamlessly with a multiple Evenflo vendors to create a full spectrum of line-review-ready gates and displays. With our focus on Purpose Driven Innovation, the needs of the user-mom were given highest priority. In addition to the user-driven needs above, the project requirements included:

  • Leveraging the Home Safety Made Easier equity and branding
  • Reducing the 16% return rate
  • Meeting ASTM baby specs regarding gaps, loads and more

The Kaleidoscope Innovation team strategized concepts for a two day creative brainstorming session with the Evenflo team.

Post session, Kaleidoscope Innovation pursued six design directions to create in-depth full scale models. Partnering seamlessly with a network of retail display providers, Kaleidoscope Innovation brought this complex project to life with displays representing locations in the home and all marketing visuals.



“I want my child to feel comfy, not trapped in.”

Research revealed widespread consumer frustration and confusion. The gates needed to address concerns about child wellbeing, potential wall damage and ease of use.



Kaleidoscope Innovation’s display and full range of gates to fit multiple budget and décor styles helped set the strategy and direction for Evenflo. Plus, the full spectrum of gates were designed with purpose to meet user’s needs for safety with ease of use. It was “the best line review we ever experienced,” said the Evenflo project lead.

“Best line review we ever experienced.”

Project Lead