Project Description

for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

The relatively small size and unique needs of the pediatric medical device market deters medical product design and development. Kaleidoscope Innovation partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) to create a unique process to increase need identification and help speed medical products to market.


The pediatric medical device market is roughly only 9% of the total market and divided into 4-5 subsections depending on age and size of the patient. This makes commercially successful new product development a challenge. Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) needed a new way to efficiently develop medical devices to improve workflow, decrease workload and enhance safety and outcomes.



Kaleidoscope Innovation embedded designers and engineers within the hospital setting including operating rooms, clinics and other patient care areas to identify common problems. These problems were cataloged in a unique database and evaluated with clinicians. Numerous problems were then selected for their unique needs (and lack of Intellectual Property (IP)), speed to market (minimal FDA requirements) and ability to extrapolate to the adult market. All-team brainstorming sessions provided multiple solutions. These were evaluated for IP space and viable solutions were identified. Clinicians, engineers and industrial designers then worked together to develop initial foam prototypes. Prototypes were then placed in front of stakeholders for rapid refinement. Clinical testing was able to take place quickly because of the multiple iterations in a short amount of time.



Intense clinician involvement throughout the entire medical device development process helps significantly improve speed to market.


Kaleidoscope Innovation created a rapid system to help speed medical device design to market from problem recognition, to down selection and rapid prototyping with multiple iterations. Additionally, numerous areas were identified for new product development.

Services provided by other groups or companies

  • CCHMC – Clinical access and tech transfer services.