Project Description


Procter & Gamble came to Kaleidoscope Innovation with a challenge: create a meaningful line extension that takes Febreze’s “breath of fresh air” identity into the world of lifestyle sports products while leveraging key P&G ingredient technologies.


In order to make Febreze an integral part of athletes’ lives, it was essential to understand the nuances of their needs. Our research undertook in-depth consumer studies in multiple environments and locations.




Through a series of generative research initiatives, results showed that while athletes were familiar with Febreze’s odor-elimination abilities, they needed help controlling odor during the transition from athletic to non-athletic activities. From this research, the Febreze Sport product line was born, helping athletes manage odor during crucial transition moments.



We also uncovered that specific retail experience contributes to overall credibility within the lifestyle sports market. Based on these insights, the team at Procter & Gamble decided to launch the products at Dick’s Sporting Goods rather than the typical big box retailer, helping the new line exceed initial sales projections.