Trends in high tech are converging at an ever-increasing rate with all aspects of people’s lives. To be successful, companies must empathize with their consumers’ needs and understand how technology can lead to smart solutions.

Guiding this convergence through the complexities of your business environment is more imperative than ever. That’s where we can help.

At Kaleidoscope Innovation, we offer the expertise, vision and experience to turn product-development challenges into opportunities. Our dynamic team of researchers, designers and engineers brings your project into focus.

Actionable User Insight

We start with a deep understanding of the consumer, industry and the market. Our rigorous and repeatable research process creates actionable design insights that lead to a clear path forward. Our experience is proven to enhance consumer satisfaction.

Brand Building by Design

Hailing from the birthplace of brands, we have worked with some of the world’s most renowned companies to bring equity to life through consumer experiences. We also provide rich expertise in translating brand DNA into products and visual brand language that inspire loyalty and drive growth.

Trend Leveraging

Our product development teams provide a global perspective of the latest technology, market and design trends in computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, global positioning systems (GPS) and other electronic gadgets.

Understanding from Inside Out

With practicing bio-medical engineers on staff, plus experts in psychology, our research goes beyond simply what people want to a deeper understanding of the core characteristics that drive their needs and desires both physically and physiologically.

Purpose-Driven Innovation

We provide a robust range of insight and design capabilities to meet the increasingly complex, ever-changing needs of high tech. Our focus is to improve the human experience beyond aesthetics. This approach leads to real and meaningful results for our partners and their consumers.




Innovation & Design Video Series

Motorola launched a new category of Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDAs) aimed at emerging market sectors. Kaleidoscope Innovation produced the communication tools that helped launch...


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