P&G Old Spice Loft Space from The Big Media Company on Vimeo.

Throughout the past decade, P&G has been creating innovative methods to understanding it’s consumers and the products they love. One of the most interesting methods is a “loft” space – an immersive environment that helps multi-disciplinary teams empathize with consumers and transform brands. Kaleidoscope helped create the original loft for Cheer, and not surprisingly much of this work remains confidential. However, P&G decided to open the doors to it’s latest loft and let Soapbox Media take a tour.

This latest loft for Old Spice is located in the heart of Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Presented like a retail space, passersby can peak into the windows at the Vine street location. This is a great example of engaging the community and letting everyone know about the important creative work that’s going on in Cincinnati. Kudos to our neighbors at Hyperquake and our friends at P&G for sharing this project with all of us!