MWUX 2017In 2010, the Midwest UX conference was created to have a strong community-focused, grassroots atmosphere. The casual and creative conference environment includes speakers and workshops covering user experience (UX) design topics. (User experience design is the process for enhancing a user’s satisfaction while interacting with a product.)

Since the first two conferences in Columbus, the annual event traveled from Grand Rapids to Indianapolis to Pittsburgh to Louisville. And now it is in Cincinnati.

The MWUX 2017 event takes place today (Thursday, October 12) through Saturday, October 14.

Kaleidoscope at MWUX 2017

MWUX 2017Our Associate Director of UX, Jeff Stevenson, volunteered with the MWUX team to greet event guests downtown this morning. He will also attend different MWUX workshops and speaking events.

Additionally, Tamaya Denard from Kaleidoscope’s sister design company, Design Impact, will speak on Saturday about how design thinking can be used to address community problems.

Other topics covered during the conference include “How Military Strategy Can Improve Your Design Process,” “How to Design for Wellbeing,” “Transitioning from UX to Product on a Balanced Team,” “Lean Usability Testing for Teams,” “A/B, Creativity or Design: Deciding How to Make Product Decisions,” “4 Lessons in Wading Deep in the Waters of Healthcare,” and more.

See you there?