mixed reality eventOn Monday evening, May 22, nearly 100 attendees gathered at the Kaleidoscope headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio for a “Mixed Reality & Mingle” event with the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) and other guests.

Kaleidoscope has a long history of supporting the design discipline, and this event was just one piece of that story. The Mixed Reality & Mingle event at Kaleidoscope brought together practitioners from many companies representing a variety of industries.

mixed reality event“Relationships are the core of our company,” said Kaleidoscope CEO Matt Kornau. “We’re continually thankful for opportunities to help form bridges within the design and business communities.”

And beyond bonding with others in the design field, experts shared important educational content, as well.

mixed reality eventFormer Microsoft Executive Stuart Ashmun gave the keynote presentation. Founder and managing member of Ashmun Group, LLC, he also held a more than 25-year career with Microsoft until leaving in 2016 to focus on his business. Among other accomplishments, he built and led the design team that created Microsoft HoloLens, Xbox One S, Scorpio and accessories.

In addition to helping share the development journey of the Microsoft HoloLens, Ashmun noted that the purpose of the event was “to simply encourage people to think more deeply about how they can integrate mixed reality into the future experiences they are creating for their customers.”

Ashmun, Kornau and IDSA Southern Ohio Chapter Chair Tony Siebel all agree it is critical for business leaders to keep abreast of new developments in VR, AR and other emerging technologies.

mixed reality event“The reason that is important is because it’s the future,” said Siebel, who works as an industrial designer at Ethicon Endo-Surgery. “I think VR, AR and even AI all represent where technology is going. If you look at devices like electronics and consumer devices, they are all getting smaller and smaller. How we interact with digital content is always changing.”

In addition to the presentation itself, guests donned virtual reality gear at Kaleidoscope’s two VR stations. And, of course, attendees tried out the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality experience.

mixed reality eventGuests also toured the Kaleidoscope wet lab with a Kaleidoscope biomedical engineer and viewed the electronics lab.

Kaleidoscope sponsored, hosted and helped organize the event at IDSA’s request. Kaleidoscope has a history of contributing to the design community – through their daily work, continued support of local social innovation firm Design Impact, presentations at student innovation-centric events and design education and networking events liked Mixed Reality and Mingle.