Innovation Igniter highlights everything you need to know now in medtech and consumer goods. This week’s topics of interest include the Wonder Women of Medtech, Stryker’s new deal with GE Additive and the FDA’s Digital Health Innovation Plan regarding digital medical devices and apps.

Meet the Wonder Women of MedTech >

Wonder Woman isn’t just for the silver screen. Numerous “Wonder Women” throughout the world engage in life-saving work every day. So QMed highlighted the Wonder Women of Medtech. These women range from GE Healthcare’s Aurelie Boudier, who designed the industry’s first self-compression mammography tool, to Lisa Earnhardt, CEO and President of Intersect ENT, to Stacey Pugh, who leads Medtronic’s Neurovascular business. Ten women from the medtech industry are covered in the article.

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Stryker Inks 3D Printing Deal with GE Additive >

Stryker announced its agreement with GE Additive (the 3D printing arm of GE Healthcare) to acquire machines, materials and services. Stryker plans to use these to expand its additive design and manufacturing facilities.

medtech and consumer goods

FDA Commissioner Lays Groundwork for Digital Health Innovation Plan Including Certification Program >

A preview of the FDA’s new Digital Health Innovation Plan reveals it will provide greater clarity for how the FDA regulates digital medical devices and apps. According to U.S. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, “… [the FDA is] considering whether and how, under current authorities, [they] can create a third party certification program under which lower risk digital health products could be marketed without FDA premarket review and higher risk products could be marketed with a streamlined FDA premarket review.”

medtech and consumer goods


Our Authors: Matt Suits and Andreya Carlson

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