Innovation Igniter highlights the best in everything from high-tech and electronics to product design and virtual reality. This week’s news highlights include startup Neurable’s HTC Vive prototype that lets you play VR games with your mind, Disney starting their own all-new streaming service in 2019 and new tech implementations at Walmart test locations. 

This HTC Vive Prototype Lets You Play VR Games Using Brain Waves >

Tech startup Neurable has created a prototype of a different kind of VR that allows people to play games using their minds. This “brain-computer interface” uses an HTC Vive headset but a custom device in place of the strap. Instead of measuring EEG patterns, Neurable’s prototype examines event-related potentials (more specific signals that indicate when someone’s brain responds to stimuli).

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Disney is Ditching Netflix in 2019 to Launch its Own Streaming Service >

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a Netflix subscriber realized he could no longer access Disney movies through his Netflix account.

Sorry folks – forget about binge-watching Disney classics on Netflix in the future. Disney plans to end its distribution agreement with Netflix in 2019. Instead, Disney will release its own streaming service sometime in 2019.

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A Look Inside Walmart’s Next-Gen Test Stores >

Walmart is testing new technology-focused approaches to business and customer service in two new test locations: the new supercenters in Tomball, Texas and Lake Nona, Florida. Some changes include new store layouts based on shopper behavior and a new “Scan & Go” fast pass checkout lane, using new technology that works with smartphones or Walmart-provided handheld devices. Additional technologies include a kiosk located at the deli where people can place their orders, continue shopping and return to pick up the meat or other food item.

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Our Authors: Matt Suits and Andreya Carlson

About The Author: Matt Suits

Matt has always loved interacting with clients to find solutions for their challenges. He was drawn to business development at Kaleidoscope because of the great potential he saw. After graduating from the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati, he worked with two startups, a marketing consultancy, a financial services company and the non-profit 3CDC. He believes that listening is the most important part of sales. In his free time, Matt enjoys movies, trying new foods, traveling and the great outdoors.

About the Author: Andreya Carlson

Andreya has always been fascinated by language and the written word, which drove her to earn a degree in Journalism from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. She additionally earned a degree in Psychology, which kindled her interest in the healthcare industry. Her experience in marketing, communications, writing and editing includes work with a prominent human rights organization in England and a Cincinnati-based book publishing company. Andreya’s appetite for knowledge and passion for purposeful creation led her to cover design and healthcare advancement news for Kaleidoscope.

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