Innovation Igniter highlights the top trends in high tech and medtech to jumpstart your week. This week’s topics of interest include Tesla’s “infinity warranty” for their new solar roofs, Google Assistant’s new use of cell phone cameras to analyze information, and AR’s role in the OR.

Elon Musk: Tesla’s Solar Roofs Will Be Cheaper Than Regular Roofs & Have “Infinity Warranty”.>

Elon Musk rarely seems to disappoint. Musk revealed via Twitter that people can now place orders for Tesla’s groundbreaking solar roof hardware. U.S. deliveries will likely begin in late 2017 and overseas deliveries starting sometime next year.

And the other big news: The solar roofs will have an “infinity warranty.”

According to Tesla, “Glass solar tiles are so durable they are warrantied for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.”

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Google Assistant will soon Search by Sight with your Smartphone Camera.>

Google Assistant is giving Siri some serious competition. Soon, it will use Google Lens technology to analyze what a smartphone is pointed toward and give users pertinent information. For instance, by pointing it at a restaurant, Google Assistant will pull up reviews. Pointing it at a concert poster might prompt Google Assistant to suggest buying concert tickets, listening on YouTube, etc.

AR is Making its Way into the OR.>

Universities and companies alike find themselves researching and testing how to best incorporate AR capabilities into the operating room.

Last year, for instance, Duke University revealed they were developing systems to test how to utilize Microsoft’s augmented reality device to improve brain surgery. More recently, Scopis announced this month that they are currently developing a system that will create simulations of how pedicle screws are positioned during spinal surgery.

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