Innovation Igniter highlights the best in high tech, product design and automotive advancements to supercharge your week. This week’s topics of interest include Ford’s new CEO, how to prepare for the new “drone economy” and recent partnerships between academic medical centers and Google.

Jim Hackett: President and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company. >

Who is Ford’s new CEO? Prior to becoming Ford’s President and CEO, Jim Hackett led their Smart Mobility division, centered on breakthrough innovations in transportation. He also served as CEO of the Grand Rapids-based furniture company Steelcase for more than 20 years. Additionally, he served as Athletic Director at the University of Michigan. While there, Hackett hired fan favorite Jim Harbaugh as the football team’s head coach and helped reestablish the team as one of the top in the nation.

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Academic medical centers team up with Google to bolster machine learning and predictive analytics. >

Several university medical centers have now partnered with Google to advance healthcare analytics. Which medical centers, you ask? They include the University of Chicago Medical (machine learning to predict hospitalizations and worsening patient health); the University of California, San Francisco (quality of care improvements); and Stanford Medicine (cloud-based applications helping with precision medicine).

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Drones Go To Work: The disruptive economics of unmanned vehicles are taking hold. Here’s how to think about the drone economy and your place in it. >

Often, people immediately think of drones as delivery vehicles, when that is actually the least persuasive and most complex application. Collecting data actually takes the cake as the most beneficial commercial application for drones. Some of the more apparent benefits of drone data collection today appear in construction, crop mapping, solar and wind turbine monitoring, roof scanning for insurance purposes, inspections for housing infrastructure, etc.

Keep an eye on whether laxer regulations on drones will allow autonomous commercial drones to function without a human “controller.” This would create massive changes in the drone economy.

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