Innovation Igniter is a sampling of top products in emerging technology and product design. Covering categories such as virtual or augmented reality, Medtech, user centered design and biomimickry, it is a great resource to staying ‘in the know’ in the world of innovation.


Under Armour Defines The Future of Footwear with Generative Design.>

Under Armour puts it’s best foot forward with it’s 3D-printed UA Architech. Using generative design, this could be the next big step in the future of footwear.

Scientists Have Developed A Furry Wetsuit Material Inspired By Beavers.>

This is a perfect example of biomimickry design. Inspired by nature and studying semi-aquatic mammals such as beavers and sea otters, a group of MIT researchers have designed a new wetsuit concept design to maximize dive speeds while keeping swimmers as dry as possible.

“We have now quantified the design space and can say, ‘If you have this kind of hair density and length and are diving at these speeds, these designs will trap air, and these will not,’ which is the information you need if you’re going to design a wetsuit. Of course, you could make a very hairy wetsuit that looks like Cookie Monster and it would probably trap air, but that’s probably not the best way to go about it.” – Anette Hosoi, Associate Head of the Department at MIT


The Amazing Garage Where Robots Do the Parking.>

Finally the frustrations have been heard. Unitronics has found a way to automate parking using horizontal and vertical shuttles to stack cars in a parking garage. Along with relieving the stress of finding a parking spot, this automated technology allows for reduced emissions and lower overhead cost.


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