Innovation Igniter provides news highlights of the best industrial design trends and the latest technology. This week’s news includes Microsoft’s Surface Studio and Xbox One S winning IDSA awards, Kroger’s first official partnership for grocery delivery, Google Home’s new hands-free calling and virtual reality’s role in easing hospital patients’ pain. 

A Virtual Approach to Real Pain

Researchers are using VR experiences to ease pain in patients suffering from cancer, orthopedic injuries, severe burns, abdominal discomfort and more. “It doesn’t work on everybody, but when it works, it works really, really well,” says Dr. Brennan Spiegel, a Cedars-Sinai Medical Center researcher. He claims VR can reduce pain by 24 percent or more.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Boston Children’s Hospital are researching VR for young people going through pain and anxiety. Likewise, New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center are researching the effects of VR on burn victims.

Best Industrial Design Trends

Surface Studio and Xbox One S Win IDEAs for their Industrial Design

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) awarded Microsoft’s Surface Studio and the Xbox One S a gold and bronze award, respectively. Microsoft is no stranger to International Design Excellence Awards (IDEAs) recognizing outstanding industrial design, with the HoloLens, Windows phone’s user interface and Windows 10 Start Menu all previous award recipients.

Best Industrial Design Trends

Kroger Begins Home Delivery in Cincinnati

Kroger has begun testing grocery home deliveries in Cincinnati through two stores in Whitewater Township and Sharonville. For an $11.95 fee, customers within eight miles of the grocery store can have their groceries delivered to them via a vendor called West Chester The Grocery Runners.

Grocery home delivery is a booming industry. Home delivery and online buying with at-store pickup together make up roughly $20 billion in annual sales for all grocers, with anticipated growth to more than $100 billion by 2025.

Best Industrial Design Trends

You Can Now Make Calls From Google Home Using the Assistant

Google Home has introduced hands-free calling capabilities. Currently, calls from the smart speakers show up as “Unknown” or “No Caller ID” on the recipient’s phone, but Google is hoping to change that by the year’s end. Also, the incorporated AI means you can say something like, “Google, call my mom,” and Google will know to call your mom specifically, rather than your spouse’s mom.


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